Posted by: maboulette | August 19, 2011


The amazing Hoover Dam bypass bridge is completed. Workers have put the finishing touches on the bridge, which rises 890 feet above the Colorado River.  These pictures were taken during construction.

New Bridge at Hoover Dam

The $240 million project was open to traffic in early November of 2010 , providing relief to motorists who travel across Hoover Dam and deal with delays caused by multiple switchbacks and security stops.

Bridge During Night Time Construction

This bridge was completed in September 2010 and it  provides a new link between the states of Nevada and Arizona . In an incredible feat of engineering, the road is supported on the two massive concrete arches which jut out of the rock face. Not only does the bridge provide a safer route between Arizona and Nevada, but it provides motorists a never-before-seen view of the face of Hoover Dam. The deck of the span is 277 feet higher than the dam. The official name of the bridge is the Mike O’Callagham-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, already being called locally as The Mike and Pat. O’Callaghan was the Governor of Nevada in the 1970’s as well as a veteran of the Korean War. Tillman is by far the more famous of the two. He gave up his millionaire lifestyle and superstar footballer status in order to serve in the US Army in Afghanistan where he will killed in 2004.

Another Picture During Construction

The public was able to see for themselves on Oct. 16,  2010 which was labeled Bridging America Day, when the bridge was opened to pedestrian traffic. For more information about bridge go to


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