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These are pictures of the Infinity pool located on the 55th story of the new Marina Bay Sands tourism development opened in the city of Singapore last year. The 150-metre long pool (3 times the length of an Olympic pool) was the hit of the day.

Infinity pool atop new Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

The enormous resort hotel has 2,560 rooms and suites, many celebrity chef restaurants, shopping areas, theatres, a museum, a casino and a crystal pavilion.  The resort is set to employ 10,000 people.

Don’t look down or go near the edge!

Infinity pools are designed to make it look as if the water extends to the horizon.  In actuality, the edge of the pool is really about an inch below the water level.  The water therefore spills over the edge of the pool into a catchment below where it is pumped back into the pool.   The design gives this interesting illusion of being at the edge of the building.

Just Enjoying The Sun

Pictures by Reuters


  1. Actually, you don’t show it here, but beyond just the pool, this sky park sits atop 3 buildings, with one side of the top cantilevering off one side of the buildings, (the largest cantilever in the world if I’m not mistaken) an amazing architectural feat, post a picture if you can find you, its a great sight to see.
    This is billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property.

    • Thanks Jim I will look for it!!!

  2. […] Swimming pool on the 55th floor […]

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