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Now  racist and misogynist Southern Baptist State Rep. Sally Kern (R-OK), has appeared on American Family Radio with Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association and argued that only through self-loathing can gays and lesbians find hope.

Kern was appearing to discuss her new self-published book (that’s right, nobody paid her to do this), The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism. Yes, she ranks herself amongst the great martyrs of history. Why? Because she said some truly reprehensible things about homosexuality and people responded about as you’d expect: they were offended.

Here is an example of what got her stoned:

Listen to Kern’s hate-filled diatribe and then read below what she had to say in her book about the reaction in some 5,000 emails from those who heard it:

“As I sat reading the e-mails, each one hit me like a sharp stone, breaking my heart and filling my eyes with tears. I had never experienced such hate or seen such vulgarity in my life. The hurt seemed to cut right into my soul. It was not just that I was being hurt, but that the truth of God’s Word was being stoned and desecrated.”

The imagine created by these words is rather like that of an Inquisitor crying and feeling hurt and sorry for himself because the prisoner he is torturing is cursing him. It’s unreal.

It is important to remember that in Republican political theology nobody has a right to be offended by what a fundamentalist Christian says. Free speech and freedom of religion, remember, apply only to Christians – and to the right kind of Christians. If you don’t nod your head like a parrot to what they say, you are persecuting them. In Kern’s fevered imagination, she was stoned.

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  1. This woman is sooooo ignorant and has no business being in the business of representing anyone anywhere about anything. This makes me so mad I can’t even think of anything but cuss words to say at her! Does she think anyone actually listens to this kind of crap and believes it???? arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh and phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht Such idiots we have in our congress………….where are we going America … where are we going?

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on the article – please sign of updates and return often – and tell all your friends!!

  2. Thanks, MA, for your blog. Randi, I agree with you 110%! For the most part, the people I know within the gay, lesbian, and transgendered community are good people, and I hate that there are morons who really believe this SH*T. We need to be fighting back!

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