Posted by: maboulette | July 30, 2011


Kitler - the cat no one will adopt

Maybe they’ll have better luck if they stopped calling it “Kitler.” The staff at a British animal shelter say no one will adopt a six-week-old kitten because of a black mark under its nose resembling Hitler‘s mustache. They’ve named the kitten, which was abandoned at the roadside, “Kitler.” ”We ‘rehome’ five-and-a- half thousand animals every year but we cannot find a loving owner for Kitler,” said a spokeswoman for the shelter. “We think her unusual markings are putting people off.”

Read it at Telegraph


  1. I want him please write back! I want him he doesn’t resemble Hitler he resembles a kitten with a mustache not Hitler! Give him to me please!

    • Well actually I don;t have the kitten and if you read the article, she is at a shelter in England – the link at the bottom of the story leads to the original story in a paper in Great Britain – sorry!

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