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A very interesting website!  It seems that juries as well as judges across the US as well as in other countries decide if a crime is “deprave”, “heinous” or “horrible” in order to hand out sentences that are more severe.  But there is no standard definition for such words that courts already use.  

Now – we all recognize that some crimes are truly separate from others but there is no standard, fair way to differentiate crimes that are the worst of the worst, or “evil”. 

The website The Depravity Scale is doing research internationally which is intended to establish societal standards of what makes a crime depraved.  With this information they can then develop a standardized device based on detailed characteristics of crimes that must be proven in order to call for more severe sentences. They aim to scientifically standardize the definition of such legal terms as “heinous”, “atrocious”, “evil” and “depraved” according to the input from the general public.

The research has developed a 2 part survey which involves the general public in establishing societal standards of what makes a crime depraved.  So, go to this website The Depravity Scale and take this survey and you can be part of this landmark project. 

You can participate in both surveys at their secure website—

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