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Woman pregnancy month by month.

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I found this information on the internet and it is very interesting.  It seems that in the Deep South, right wing prosecutors are taking the GOP war on women’s rights to even more extremes by charging several women with murder if they have a miscarriage.  Yes, I said a miscarriage – read this:

“Rennie Gibbs is accused of murder, but the crime she is alleged to have committed does not sound like an ordinary killing. Yet she faces life in prison in Mississippi over the death of her unborn child.

Gibbs became pregnant aged 15, but lost the baby in December 2006 in a stillbirth when she was 36 weeks into the pregnancy. When prosecutors discovered that she had a cocaine habit – though there is no evidence that drug abuse had anything to do with the baby’s death – they charged her with the “depraved-heart murder” of her child, which carries a mandatory life sentence.”

By the way the article above is from the Guardian, so these situations are not being covered by the media in the US only in other countries.

Hard to believe right – but that’s not the only one.  It seems that these “good Christians” want to send their messed up 15 year olds away for life for circumstances beyond their control.

What’s a crime in Mississippi surely has to be a crime in Alabama – read this:

“In Alabama at least 40 cases have been brought under the state’s “chemical endangerment” law. Introduced in 2006, the statute was designed to protect children whose parents were cooking methamphetamine in the home and thus putting their children at risk from inhaling the fumes.

Amanda Kimbrough is one of the women who have been ensnared as a result of the law being applied in a wholly different way. During her pregnancy her fetus was diagnosed with possible Down’s syndrome and doctors suggested she consider a termination, which Kimbrough declined as she is not in favor of abortion.

The baby was delivered by caesarean section prematurely in April 2008 and died 19 minutes after birth.

Six months later Kimbrough was arrested at home and charged with “chemical endangerment” of her unborn child on the grounds that she had taken drugs during the pregnancy – a claim she has denied”

Now, no one condones women, or pregnant children taking drugs during their pregnancies, but to charge them with murder?  Is this how the Christians in this country are going to stop abortions?

There is a war going on in this country – a war against women and their rights and it has to stop!


  1. Most of this story and its research is being told from extreme left to extreme left and ends up so far from truth it’s unreal. I can tell you first hand that 60% of pregnant white trash south of DC is addicted to (Hillbilly heroin) ie Oxycontin while either smoking or shooting bathtub crank and chasing it by huffing a can of gold spray paint.I’ve been there and seen the resulting children. children with birth defects unimaginable and if they do resemble humans, you can see it’s only a matter of time they rape and kill a convenience store employee, or pull a school shooting.It should be explained in the story, but it’s not.Also it was libs that started charges like this by turning the Jackboots on smoking and children in home,car,beach ,town ect.

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