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TEL AVIV, June 18, 2011 (WAFA)The Israeli Peace Now movement and its US affiliate Americans for Peace Now Friday called on American talk show host, the ultra-conservative Glenn Beck, to stay home and not to come to the region.

Describing him as “shock jock,” Peace Now said that Beck, who claims to be a friend of Israel, is not a friend of Israel or of Jews.

Beck is planning to hold a series of internationally televised pro-Israel rallies, parts of which will be held in occupied East Jerusalem, in August. The event will be called Restoring Courage.

“The location he’s chosen shows that what he really wants to is foster conflict,” said a Peace Now release. “He’s decided to hold the event in East Jerusalem, just outside the Old City, one of the most politically sensitive locations in the world.”

“This proves that Beck is no friend ofIsrael, as he now claims to be. His planned rally could sow greater enmity between Israelis and Palestinians,” it said.

“Beck is no friend to Jews either,” it added. “He has compared Reform Judaism to ‘Radicalized Islam,’ repeatedly exploited the Holocaust to attack social justice activists, and consistently promoted conspiracy theories that point the finger at Jews.”

Peace Now said that even the Jewish conservative organization, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) had condemned Beck for actions that “distort and trivialize the Holocaust,” calling his words “offensive” and demonstrative of “bigoted ignorance.”

“Peace Now is mobilizing Israelis to tell Beck that he’s not welcome there,” said the release. It has launched a Facebook page, Glenn Beck Stay Home, calling on supporters to block Beck’s visit to the region in August. A counter-demonstration is also in the works for August.

“Glenn Beck can put a match to Jerusalem and then fly home toAmerica. But it is the Israelis and Palestinians who will have to live with the consequences of Beck’s actions,” said Peace Now. It said it is working “to mitigate the potential damage that Beck can do by giving voice to Israelis who stand up for peace, for negotiations, and for compromise.”

“Today, we’re launching a petition to show that Americans are outraged by Beck’sJerusalem gambit. We need to send a message to Beck — and to those he is trying to recruit to support this scheme — that we will not stand idly by as he exploits Israeli-Palestinian peace for his own purposes,” it said.

“We’ve had our fill of his polarizing rhetoric and we don’t want to see him exporting it toIsrael.”

US Senator Joe Lieberman and Republican Party presidential hopeful Herman Cain have already endorsed Beck’s program, said Peace Now.


  1. Beck just plans to use this trip to Israel as a marketing device to promote himself and sell stuff. The only cause Beck cares about is Glenn Beck.

  2. Do you honestly think Beck is ‘exporting’ polarizing rhetoric to Israel? I say he is ‘importing’ it from Israel…LOL

  3. […] Beck – Stay Home ( […]

  4. Let me guess…Peace Now is another one of your right wing, non political, no axe to grind, news sources that you are constantly espousing as unbiased. I bet they have a tie in to George Soros or one of his groups. Got another Jackson says I’m right! Please prove me wrong. Like I’ve said before, you seem like a nice person, delusional, but nice

    • Peace Now (Hebrew: שלום עכשיו – Shalom Achshav) is a non-governmental organization[2] in Israel with the aim of promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace. Go to and check it all out. And Steve if you think I am so wrong about everything – just stop coming over here – there settled!!!

      • Did you actually look this group up and what they stand for? They advocate making Jerusalem a split city and negotiating with Hamas. Hams has publicly stated that they do not recognize the right of Israel to even exist. That means they advocate the elimination of the Israeli people. You know kind of like a guy named Hitler back in the 30’s. Please tell me how you negotiate with someone who won’t even acknowledge your right to exist? What this group advocates is a return to the Palestinians of the “occupied” territory. That is the land that Israel took over from 1967 when all the Arab countries in the region decide to ban together their armies and wipe Israel off the map. That means exterminate them

        I do think you are wrong about most things. What people like you advocate as truth is usually nothing more than wishful thinking and/or out right lies and misinformation designed to make people react emotionally instead of intellectually. That is very dangerous and I will continue to confront misinformation wherever I find it. Hopefully someone that reads your blog will take time ti investigate both sides of these issues for themselves and discover just which side is not being truthful. I stand on facts, not emotions.

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