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“This is starting to look like the ethnic cleansing that happened in the Nuba Mountains in the early 1990s”.
Humanitarian Aid worker inSudan

In less than one month, South Sudan is slated to become its own nation. But the violence along the border with the North is getting worse — much worse. Houses are still being destroyed, and villages are being bombed.

Senator Mark Udall has invited his colleagues in the Senate to add their signature to his letter urging President Obama to take strong steps to end the violence and ensure a peaceful separation of North and South Sudan. The deadline for senators to sign on to the Udall letter is Friday afternoon so time is running out.

Your senators need to hear from you now – there are less than 24 hours remaining for them to add their signatures. Tell your senators to sign onto Senator Udall’s letter to President Obama today.

Since the last report I have read concerning Sudan, the number of displaced people in Abyei, Southern Kordofan, and Darfur has grown tremendously.

In Abyei, more than 100,000 people have been displaced. The death toll is impossible to verify since the fighting has prevented the United Nations and humanitarian organizations from accessing the areas in need and the Sudanese Government has blocked journalists from reporting on the crisis.

In Southern Kordofan, an additional 60,000 people have been displaced. Government and militia forces have engaged in house to house searches and carried out extrajudicial killings. Civilians have been targeted on political and ethnic lines and there are credible reports of northern forces setting up checkpoints where civilians have been murdered. The violence is escalating so rapidly that the White House has already called on the Sudanese government to cease fire and immediately negotiate a resolution with the South.

These military operations — led by Khartoum— have prolonged the conflict in Sudan and are responsible for the deaths of many innocent civilians.

There are also many human rights abuses still occurring in Darfur.  A recent resurgence of airstrikes and government led attacks have killed innocent civilians and displaced over 70,000 people so far this year alone. All of this amid continued reports of widespread rape, looting, and destruction. Devastatingly, many innocent women, children, and men are still being prevented from accessing basic humanitarian aid such as food, water, and medical supplies.

In all of these regions, one thing is clear — the situation in Sudan is getting worse. We cannot become complacent.

For further information click here Save Darfur Coalition.  This is a coalition that I support and urge others to support also.


  1. Agreed that thr rest of the world are in deep trouble, aslo aggreed by the majority of Americans, that its time to fix our own house, before we fix someone elses.
    You are no doubt intelliget, and to be honest, some of your posts are outstanding, well thought out. My thoughts on this are clear, restore the constitution, stop one world government.

  2. And to finish my ppost, what about the thousands lying in our streets, mentally ill, starving, the children, im sorry , but the reality of this world is the strong survive, and he who has the power, let us hope has heart. make no mistake, there are those who wish to destoy our country, and they are amoung us, and they dare not raise thier heads. time is coming.If you know about Sudan, then you must know about many other hiuman rights violations here in the USA. and that ruke of law is being trampled, the day WILL come when we rise, to stop it. There are many brave men still, and more, there are many who know the truths, handed down by the forefathers, and we live our life according to them, no matter what they say.The bottom line is force, and what we are witnessing is force being used to gain power. It happens every day, in every city, in our land.

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