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Who is hotter? Prince Harry or Prince William?

Image by via Flickr

LONDONPrince Harry has Britain salivating at the prospect of another royal wedding after telling his on-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy, “You’re next.”

Just two days after his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, speculation turned to whether popular Harry, known as the Playboy Prince, could also get into the marital spirit.

Wild rumors linking the 26-year-old with Pippa Middleton were entirely unfounded, yet Harry was in romantic mood at the postwedding after party at BuckinghamPalace.

According to the News of the World newspaper on Sunday, Harry approached Chelsy following his best man’s speech, put an arm around her, and whispered in her ear. Chelsy responded with delight and kissed him, before telling female friends at her table what he had said.

“The newspaper report was right,” a party guest told Yahoo!. “She got this huge grin on her face, and everyone begged her to tell them what Harry had whispered. At first she refused, but then revealed that he had told her, ‘You’re next’ – as in, next to marry into the royal family.”

Chelsy, a stunning blonde born and primarily raised in the African nation of Zimbabwe, dated Harry from 2004 to 2009 before they split and she undertook a work position in South Africa. Back in 2007, the pair got so close that it was widely expected it could be Harry, and not his older brother, who would be the first to marry – before things turned sour.

However, Chelsy returned to London earlier this year, and although there were rumors of a reunion with Harry, the pair carefully avoided being photographed together. The events of the weekend have made it clear that the relationship is very much back on track.

“They are together, that much is obvious,” said the source, “not just as friends either, as an item. There was never any secret about how they felt about each other, it was just a matter of if they could make it work. Let’s hope they can.”

The News of the World also reported that Harry and Chelsy met after the late-night party, being driven to her West London apartment before moving on to another location once they noticed the home was surrounded by waiting photographers.

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