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Map of New York highlighting Suffolk County

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Did you know that Long Island might have a serial killer?  At least that is what the news reports are saying.  Especially after investigators found the remains of 3 more individuals on a barrier beach Monday.  This brings the total number of remains found nearby to 8 since the police started looking for a missing prostitute last year.

The discoveries began in December when law enforcement found the remains of 4 female prostitutes close to each other on Gilgo Beach in Suffolk County.  This led to the police developing the theory that a serial killer had been using this area for a dumping site.

The remains discovered Monday off the north side of Ocean Parkway between Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach have not yet been identified nor is it certain how long the remains have been there.  At this time there is not any connection between the recent discoveries and the original four except that they are all females.

The original four women were all in their 20s and had advertised their services on Craigslist, officials reported.  Eyewitnesses and other information have put 2 of the women at budget hotels on Long Island before they were missing.

The original search in December was begun as part of a missing person’s case for a prostitute Shannon Gilbert, 24 from Jersey City who had first been reported missing in May of last year.  None of the bodies discovered in December were Ms. Gilberts.

Interested in learning more on serial killers, I went in search of further information.  The FBI defines a serial killer as one who murders 3 or more victims, with periods called “cooling-off” periods between each murder.  This is what sets them apart from mass murderers who kill 4 or more individuals at the same time, in the same place and spree killers, who murder in multiple locations within a short period of time.  Serial killers normally work alone, killing strangers and killing for the sake of killing.

According to studies done by the FBI, there have been around 400 serial killers in the United States in the past 100 years,  with from 2526 to 3860 victims.  But, there is really no way to know how many serial killers are active at any one time – FBI experts have suggested a number ranging from 50 to 300 but they have no evidence to support any number.

The questions I have after researching is why do we only hear about a few of these serial killers, like Ted Bundy or the Boston Strangler?  What makes some serial killers better known than others?

In the meantime, the investigation on Long Island continues.  Who are the Long Island Ladies?


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