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Glenn Beck theorized on his last Thursday show that some Muslims are trying to bring about the equivalent of the Anti-Christ .

Beck claimed that he was bringing the issue up because Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt both believe in the Twelfth Imam–a figure in Shia Islam who Beck and his guest, author Joel Richardson, said bore a disturbing resemblance to the Biblical Anti-Christ.

Author Joel Richardson has a long history of antagonism toward Islam, having written in his book The Islamic Anti-Christ that Islam will be the “primary vehicle” “used by Satan to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible.”

Beck then wrote a side-by-side comparison of the Twelfth Imam and the Anti-Christ on his chalkboard.

For that comparison, jump to 1:00 in the video below. For more videos, click here.

What point am I trying to make – it is simply this, Glenn Beck continues to surround himself with people who assail President Obama and who continue to call him the Anti-Christ, a Muslim, and not an American.  When you research the background of those in Beck’s inner circle almost all of them believe the same things about President Obama.  Beck continues to spread the fear about Obama and the Muslim faith to his audiences every day and each day the conspiracy theories are a little more bizarre.

Last Thursday Beck connected Wisconsin’s protest and Egypt’s protest together and the dot he used to connect the two was the Muslim Brotherhood who Beck claimed organized both protests in order to turn both the Middle East and America into part of the global caliphate. This is crazy talk and scares his audiences most of whom are Evangelical Christians and remain faithful to the end time Biblical prophecies.    But what is really going on?

Beck is drawing attention away from what is really happening. While people are listening to crazy Beck and being scared on a daily basis, the Republicans are hoping to bust unions and make voter registration more difficult in an effort to undermine Democratic electoral power.  Let me repeat that – the Republicans are trying to bust the unions because it is the unions who are the organizations that contribute most to the Democratic Party – donate money and time.  At least that is what I and others believe is happening – or it could be that Beck is just plain crazy!

Which brings me to this question, why does Fox News continue to let Beck have an hour long show to spout his outrageous conspiracy theories and continue to have such an influence on the political landscape in our country?  This is an irresponsible service to our country by a news channel that claims to be “Fair and Balanced”.  And it is time that those of us, Republican and Democrat, stand up and make as much noise as possible against Fox News.

As for Glenn Beck, he told his audience last week anyone who  believes his ranting about a “new world order” and global Islamic caliphate is craziness can “go to hell.” Everyone else, he says, should go to and watch his new film, Rumors of War.  Of course in order to view the film one must be a member of Beck’s Insider Extreme pay-for- play website.  So I guess since I am not a member then I am out of luck and already have one foot in hell and didn’t even realize it!

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  1. Mary Ann, as I have told you before, I do not watch Beck. However, I am not ‘anti-Beck’ because I really do not know anything about him. I did watch the video you posted. I found it very interesting on several fronts.

    The context of what was said is nothing new. I first saw such a ‘comparison’ in the late 60s in a Bible class at ACU. I have not researched the ‘comparison’ but have no reason to deny it. As far as I know, my ‘sources’ on the matter were intelligent folks. Beck’s guests seemed to have a reasonable command of the facts. Have you researched the ‘comparison’ and concluded it is false, or do you simply deny the ‘comparison’ because Beck chose to bring it to light via his two guests?

    I saw no mention of Obama in the Beck clip.

    You, and other who think like you, would be wise to ‘fear’ certain groups of Muslims who are committed to kill you.

    The NEWS presented on Fox News is alleged to be ‘fair and balanced’. There is no allegation by the net work that other programs/segments on the channel are ‘fair and balanced.’ Beck’s program is not represented as a news program. Therefore, there is no allegation by the network that the Beck program is ‘fair and balanced’. It is nothing more than a commentary on the news. Those who do not like it or do not agree with it should not watch it.

    Why does Fox News continue to air the Beck program? My guess is, it has a huge following and is well sponsored. Until you and yours can organize in larger numbers, then your quest to shut down Fox New will fail. IMO, your quest is doomed to fail for several reasons. Primarily, it will fail because it calls for censorship.

    Speaking of censorship, who edited the video clip? If someone other than Fox edited the clip and/or, if Fox did not sanction the edited version of the clip, then that ‘someone’ has just bought a butt-load of legal trouble. If I were you, I would immediately remove it and any links to it.

  2. Obviously the writer of this blog has never read a Koran. If you read the Koran, you will find that Osama Bin Laden is devout, whereas, moderate Muslims are really apostates.

    And, I’ve never seen Beck say Obama is a Muslim. I can tell you that under Islamic law he was born Muslim because dear old commie daddy was Muslim. I personally think he is like his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, a godless communist. And its easy to be a godless communist when you go to a communist black liberation theology church that has nothing to do with Jesus or his father. After all the founder of black liberation theology states that they will kill God if he doesn’t help them defeat the white man. No one that believes in God thinks they can kill God, except maybe Satan.

  3. I have never read the Koran, and don’t feel I need it, because it was written well after the Bible which is the true WORD of the ALMIGHTY, HOLY, SOVEREIGN GOD, AND HIS WORD WILL NEVER PASS AWAY! Why then would I need the koran which was based upon the Bible to begin with? I believe Glenn is correct as he presents his arguement in light of both sides. This blogger appears to be limited in his presentation, as am I, of not telling us his research, only relying upon his feelings, as do I, but I don’t have a website and try to impress people with my “learning” (?) But I am absolutely convinced in the WORD OF GOD, THE HOLY BIBLE!

    • Thanks for your comments. I have linked and referenced places where you can go to do your own research – just as Glenn tells everyone to do – plus there is a video which can also be used as reference. I can not reference every single word nor do I believe that I need to. Some of this is yes, my opinion but most of it is very easy to find.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Missing a little attribution here, aren’t we? This post appears to be a conglomeration of other people’s work and yours, but it is written as if it’s all original.

    My opinion on Beck and his critics — I’ve never seen so much effort put into trying to marginalize and dismiss someone as crazy and/or wrong ….. since well, Rush Limbaugh. Meanwhile, those of us who actually listen to these folks on a regular basis find little resemblance between the critiques and the real thing, and so it becomes a little obvious that the real reason for the collective bunched political panties is that men like these are indeed effective and compelling, not wrong and crazy. Wrong and crazy takes care of itself, but effective and compelling needs to be actively assaulted.

    These critiques miss their mark because so very much context is (necessarily I guess) lacking. That full context can only be gained by watching/listening to the entire presentations on a regular basis. This is what I’d suggest people who are caught wondering about Beck et al do. Don’t be afraid of another point of view. You can handle it, and you just might expand and improve your worldview beyond the limited one that can be gained watching Oprah, the evening news, Jon Stewart and media matters selective clippings.

    And then, yes, turn the dial to that counter-balance liberal and get his/her perspective. Problem is, it seems these days the only thing you get from these folks is their perspective on Glenn Beck.

    Ask yourself: What does that really tell you?

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