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As protesters took to the streets of Egypt this week, Glenn Beck took to his multiple broadcast platforms to weave an elaborate theory about the forces behind the uprising. During this span, Beck connected the protests and violence in Egypt to, among other things, Islamic socialists, Marxist communists, food prices, Bill Ayers, Code Pink, ACORN co-founder Wade Rathke, the Tides Foundation’s Drummond Pike, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the AFL-CIO.

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In the wake of the tragedy in Arizona, FOX News and the right-wing media have cried foul, turned a blind eye to their record of violent rhetoric, and dug in deeper.

In the most outrageous instance, Glenn Beck issued a so-called “anti-violence pledge,” that included death-threat inducing lies about 78-year-old professor and civil rights advocate Frances Fox Piven.1

Since these death threats were posted on Beck’s website — in comments like “we should blow up Piven’s Office” and “I have 5,000 rounds ready” and “…one shot, one kill”2 — Beck hasn’t backed off.3

About the only thing crazier and more irresponsible than Beck’s raving lunacy, is the fact that FOX President Roger Ailes and News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch continue to provide Beck a platform to spew it.

Are Ailes and Murdoch ready to accept responsibility for the tragedy their network invites every day? They must stop the rhetoric before it’s too late. Let’s make sure they know we’ll hold them responsible if they don’t.

Ailes is the boss at FOX. Murdoch is Ailes’ boss. They set the agenda, permit endless anti-government paranoia and Nazi comparisons, keep Sarah Palin on payroll so she can promote her trademark division and rhetoric, let Glenn Beck go wild.

The risk posed by continuing to allow all of this on FOX is not theoretical. The threats to Piven’s life are real and scary. Much more so given that over the last year, Beck’s rantings have fueled three separate assassination attempts — — all thwarted — on Nancy Pelosi, Senator Patty Murray, and officials at the Tides foundation and ACLU.4

Jared Lee Loughner got much, much further. And his actions are a deafening sounding of the alarm bells that insane people exist in this world, and a grave warning against the reckless irresponsibility of intentionally feeding their anger and paranoia with blatantly false statements.

But rather than toning it down at FOX, Beck and others have doubled down. Ailes and Murdoch have at least allowed it, and continue to do so. Despite overwhelming evidence that this rhetoric has consequences; despite the fact that over 100 advertisers have pulled their ads from Beck’s show5, which actually loses money for FOX.

Do Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch feel no moral responsibility for the content on their network, or its consequences? Do they not see where this can lead? Do they not care?

Murdoch and Ailes have more power than anyone else to stop this runaway train, before it crashes. As such, if the violent rhetoric on FOX News leads to tragic consequences, their inaction will be culpability.

Tell Ailes and Murdoch: Stop violent rhetoric on FOX News before it is too late. Click here to automatically add your name.

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  1. I have said it before and I will say it again: I would rather live in a country where Beck is free to spew and I am free to choose whether to watch, than in a country where you and those who think like you are free to censor at your will and pleasure.

  2. I have listen to Beck for years. I am not afraid. Seems the only folks who are afraid are the those who are afraid of the truth and have something to hide.
    If any of his advertisers have pulled their ads, its not because they suddenly disagree, it is because of the threats folks like you have leveled against them.
    It is you who America should fear not Beck.

  3. I catch Beck’s program almost everyday and I am yet to hear him threaten or call for violence against anyone. Just the opposite. I challenge all the people that have a problem with him to actually turn the show on and listen to what he says instead of the real rhetoric that comes out daily about what he supposedly says. I hear far worse things being said by the likes of Bill Mahrer and Rosie Odonnel.

    • What does Rosie O’Donnell have to do with this? She has never said a word about Beck. If you are doing to respond on a comment board at least tell the truth!

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