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Here is a brief history of the United States and our use of guns!


  1. Wow! I don’t even know what to say after viewing that video. This is what you think America is and how we got here? Are you really serious? Who produced this? Michael Moore? I am probably for the first time in my life speechless. If this is actually what your ‘side’ thinks of America, their is no hope for this country. WOW! What a portrayal of evil incarnate! WOW! I obviously am going to need more ammunition in case you guys ever take over.

  2. What I get from this video is that you’re struggling with racism.
    I’m not going to judge you for it, since I don’t know anything about you and probably never will.
    Black Americans have suffered, and still are, as a white American I understand this. As a white American with many good friends who are black, I mean it when I say that I’m not afraid of black Americans.
    I don’t know what you’ll do with that, and frankly, I don’t care.
    But what I will say is that if you created this video yourself, you have some talent. Let me suggest you put it to good use. Educate your audience in positive ways.
    Are you aware that 1,500 black babies are being aborted everyday in America?
    Are you aware of the lies women are told by Planned Parenthood before they get an abortion?
    If you are, then please use your talent to educate your race, and love your women and children more than you hate the white folks.

    Open your eyes and your heart, and you can find beauty.
    I wish you well my friend.

    • No, I don’t have a problem with racism although I do believe that our country has a problem with racism – I firmly believe that a great majority of the unrest in our country today is because a black man is President. But that is not the reason for the cartoon – I posted this cartoon because I have an issue with guns. I have a problem with a 9 year old little girl being gunned down in the parking lot of a supermarket as she waited inline to meet her Congresswoman! I have a real problem with guns getting into the hands of the mental unstable. I have a real problem with guns being worn in some States to any place at anytime – including bars and churches.

      I did not do the video – I found it on YouTube but I believe that it was in one of Michael Moore’s documentaries. I do videos and video editing but have not had much time to do any lately. I am very aware of the problems with abortion – but I am a very liberal Democrat and believe that a woman has a right to choose or that it is not any of my business.

      By the way, I am not black and I do not hate white people. From that cartoon you have assumed that I am a black person who hates whites and should be telling my people about the problem of black abortion. Do you think that perhaps you assumed to much? You need to look inside yourself and try to understand why you made those assumptions. What is the center of your life that you read so much into a cartoon?

      • So is this video what you think of America? Do you think this portrayal is accurate? Why do you like every other liberal refuse to answer my question?


      • So then this is what you think of America and how we got here? I’m just trying to be clear if you think this portrayal is accurate. Please speak a little louder I’m hoping I’m not hearing what I think I am.

      • Steve – yes, I believe in the Constitution and I never said I refuse to be subject to it. I just believe that the times the Constitution was written in or vastly different than the times we live in now – and that the Constitution was written with room for interpretation in modern times. I also do not believe it was ordained by God – and I do not believe that those of us in the United States are God’s chosen people. I do believe that the Constitution was written using Judeo-Christian principles. I believe that those on the very far right would like to make this country a theocracy and I do not believe that is what our Founding Father’s wanted either. So, that where I stand.

        Sorry I don’t answer immediately but I am a writer for a medical website and I have projects which are due everyday.

      • Thanks for getting back. I do not want a theocracy either however, I do think that the Judeo-Christian principles were the building blocks that our society and it’s governing laws are based on. A society of imperfect people need laws and regulations to govern the unlawful and protect the law abiding citizens, not the other way around. When I was a kid in school our teacher used to read out of the Bible every day. When I think back on it, the time that our society went sour most undoubtedly occured when we removed those principles from our schools. This is coincidence? I think not. We as a people need to re-examine wht we deem to be important for our society. The Constitution says what it says. The principles set forth there in are timeless. There is a provision built into it through the amendment process and it needs to be followed. If you believe there are things that need to be ‘updated’, there is a process. It takes time and is very tedious. It is that way for a reason. Many ‘fads’ and phases happen over the course of time in a society. If the citizens want change GO THROUGH THE PROCESS not by fiat of the President, Congress or Courts.I believe our Constitution is what made this country what it is. It’s what sets the US apart from every other society on the planet. The word of God is what inspired our founders whether you like it or not, that is a fact. It is not open to ‘interpretation’. It says what it says for a reason. Can’t you see the difference between following what it says and ‘interpretation’? Look at where interpretation has taken us. The problem of interpretation is whose interpretation? Some judges? The Presidents? A group of Congressman? Senators maybe? Sorry, but I’d rather take my chances with Jefferson, Madison and Washington than Pelosi, Reed and Obama. Seriously how about you?

      • If there is no need to interpretation, why have a civil court system – I am not talking about a criminal court system but civil – why have a Supreme court?

  3. It’s abundantly clear what the Constitution says. Activist judges read into it whatever fits their agenda. For example the commerce clause that is used to justify every comfiscatory plan of the government. The Constitution does not give the Federal government the authority to compel citizens to purchase health care anywhere by any stretch of the imagination. Even if it did it would be up to the states according to the 10th amendment anyways. NO FEDERAL AUTHORITY TO FORCE YOU TO PURCHASE AN ITEM

  4. @ maboulette

    “If there is no need to interpretation, why have a civil court system”

    Too many people ( mostly, politicians, lawyers, and educators) in the U.S. are under the mistaken idea that the Constitution is to be interpreted. They, and you, are wrong. The Constitution is what it says. Their job is not to judge the Constitution, but to judge whether laws conform to and meet the Constitutional requirements. If you really think about it, most laws would cease to exist as they do not meet the Constitutional requirements.
    Steve is right.

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