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A Message To Sarah Palin from Media Matters CEO David Brock


  1. LOL…I bet he feels like an idiot after Obama’s speech last night wherein he clearly stated the AZ gunman’s actions were not a result of what anyone said and that they stood alone.

  2. I guess all of us that don’t swallow the official party line and vehemently oppose the things this government is doing should just shut up allow our rights to be destroyed. I can personally assure you that at least one will never do that. I will not be yours or anyone else’s slave no matter how you portray me. My disapproval of this government had absolutely nothing to do with this madman killing innocent people. A wise man once said “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!” Ditto

    • Steve what rights of yours are being destroyed? There is not one right in the Constitution that is being taken away. You are not a slave to anyone! We have so many liberties in the country and you think we don’t and I have a really hard time understanding that thinking! That’s the way Glen Beck and Alex Jones think and Alex has been predicting a revolution and a take over by the New World Order for the last 20 years and it still has not happened.

      • Do you have the right to own property? If you say yes then you are sadly mistaken. If you refuse to pay property tax then your land is gone. This is one of many examples of freedoms that are being taken from us. If you do not think that the Gov. will not come to your house and claim that you are a terrorist while making you vanish from civilization then ask those in Gitmo. Can you have a child and not be put in a government system? No. Can you refuse to pay for other peoples groceries i.e. Food stamps? No. So I ask you what rights do you have that are not Gov. controlled?

      • You have the right to be happy today, to go to the church you want to, to love whomever you want to, to travel where you want to, to gather with your neighborhoods and talk about what you want to, to use the internet, to shop where you want to, to buy a car if you have the money, to plant a garden, to laugh, to walk in the rain, to own a gun, – you are just not thinking positive for you see when you think positive you will understand that you have a lot of rights.


    • Sorry Ruth but I have no idea what you are talking about – but thanks for visiting my site!!

  4. “You have the right to be happy today, to go to the church you want to, to love whomever you want to, to travel where you want to, to gather with your neighborhoods and talk about what you want to, to use the internet, to shop where you want to, to buy a car if you have the money, to plant a garden, to laugh, to walk in the rain, to own a gun, – you are just not thinking positive for you see when you think positive you will understand that you have a lot of rights.”

    Typical liberal answer, as long as you can be a happy sheeple, everything is ok. The Jews thought the same thing as their freedoms were taken from them all the way to the ovens. We have slowly had our rights stripped from us for the past 100 years and we just accept it. Now you might say that we still live in the freest country on the planet! But I ask, is that what the founders wanted or is that what they warned us about? As long as we do not have to do the work, we are complacent in being slaves to a tyrannical government. So I ask, when the dollar collapses, and the government takes the final grip in our lives, will you still feel the way you do.

    • If you believe that we are like the Jews on our way to the ovens, then my friend you have watched and listen to too much Glenn Beck because see are at anywhere near what Germany was like when Hitler came to power. We do not live under a tyrannical government and the dollar is not collapsing – that is just garbage conspiracy theories that are being spread. I am sorry – your thinking is so far from the reality of what is really going on. You have been brain washed by a man who does not give a damn about you and your life and family.

      • So again I ask you, if you think I am so out of touch with reality, then why are there stories all around the world, including here in America about the dollar collapsing? Why is China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and India slowly not accepting the dollar as a valid currency? Maybe you should stop taking MSNBC as gospel and start researching for yourself. Here is a start this is not Glenn Beck. Additionally, if you are one of those people that live in this bubble that “It cannot happen here, we are America!” I implore you; look at what happen to Great Britain at the end of them being the world currency.

      • Mary Ann- How did I miss this one? You really need to get out more. I suggest you take a little note book with and go to the grocery store. Write down the individual prices for the food you eat. Next month take your notebook with you and compare prices. Are they going up or down? How about that gasoline you put in your tank, up or down? The Fed is printing money as fast as they can, that’s a fact. What does that mean? If you have more of a commodity and you’re trying to sell it, does the price go up or down? As far as the Jews going to the ovens being like here, I think the analogy is a little over the top, but the similarities to 1930’s Germany is quite interesting. The collapse in Germany was led by a need to pay back War reparations that their economy couldn’t afford, ours will collapse because of government programs that we can’t afford. It WILL collapse by the way unless we drastically change things very soon. You cannot continue to spend more than you make and borrow to repay your debt, it’s impossible. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out. If it won’t work in your own check book, it won’t work for a government either. Think, you’ll find the answers but you must think not feel!

      • My son is a manager for Safeway – yes food has gone up but that is because there have not been any inflation rates in the price of foods for the last years and a half. Producers finally had to begin adding their cost for making products into the cost of the food just recently. And he doesn’t seem to believe that the prices are all that bad.

      • What do you mean “begin to add”? EVERY business exceptthose run by a no nothing liberal like the ones now running our government are constantly adding in the cost of goods sold to the cost of their products. This is the biggest misconception of the left. a business that doesn’t make a profit will soon cease to be a business. businesses are not in existence to fulfill your economic vision for America, they are business to make money for themselves and/or their stockholders. This is the main reason why our unemployment rate is so high. This government has removed all the incentive to invest and expand business. Unknown costs and regulations cause businesses to wait and see. No one in this administration has ever so much as managed a lemonaid stand and has absolutely no concept of what it takes to run a business and actually be the guy that has to sign someone elses paycheck. Until that changes the work arena will not. Businesses will continue to stand pat except for the necessaties to stay afloat until this guy is gone.

      • Are you talking about the groceries? I can only tell you what my son told me and he has been with Safeway for many years. Some suppliers – the larger ones did not raise the price on their products during the worse of the recession – they were already making a profit, they just cut their profits. But they have finally had to raise the price of their products. In fact, if you take the rate of inflation for the last 5 years you will see that it is not more than it usually is. It averages out to be about normal. But of course, I don’t know what I am talking about because I am a liberal – why do you even bother with me – I am a stupid liberal – I know nothing!!

  5. This is where we part ways again. I believe my rights come from God not my government. I do not want the rights they deem I should have. I want ALL my rights as specified in the Constitution not just some of them or some semblance of them. My rights are being infringed. The most basic right of all humans. life itself is being taken through the abortion laws, the government now declares I MUST purchase healthcare whether I want it or not or face fines or imprisonment. The imminent domain laws have been changed so that my property can be seized. I no longer have the right to keep the fruits of my own labor because the government is forcefully taking what I work for and redistributing to someone with less. These are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head. The government has way overstepped it’s bounds as set forth in the Constitution. I will ask you as I’ve asked many other liberals, maybe you can answer me. If the Constitution is NOT the guiding law and rule book for how we live in this country, what is? It’s been good enough for 250 years and has made this country the greatest, most prosperous nation on the planet. Why is it not still to be revered and lived by? What has changed that your side now holds it in such contempt?

    • Well Stated

    • Who is saying that we are not living by the Constitution? And why do you think that “my side” holds the Constitution in such contempt? And why is it “my side” and “your side’ – why are we divided?

      • Because you believe that the Constitution is a living breathing ever changing document that you and the other leftist’s can interpret and change to whayever your vision of America should be. i believe the Constitution is what made this country the greatest experiment this planet has ever experienced. I believe it was God inspired and should be FOLLOWED not interpretted to suit you. that’s what puts at odds and divides us. I’ll ask again, as I’ve never gotten an answer from a liberal. If not the Constituion…what? Are you brave enough to answer?


      • I’m sorry but I considered anything from to not be an unbias source.

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