Posted by: maboulette | December 27, 2010


Congratulations to the Fox commentator, political activist and reality TV star who has boldly created new frontiers in spreading falsehoods and distorting the national conversation. Palin has truly earned the 2010 Glenn Beck Honorary Award for Excellence in Misinformation.


  1. This piques my interest because I actually appear in that little CSPAN clip at the start attending the Beck/Palin/many others rally and am obviously an admirer of both Beck and Palin.

    Of course the big focus is the “death panel” reference she made early on. I instantly got that as a metaphor for what many see as inevitable government overreach and control, or at least sway and influence, over choices we make regarding end of life care, and all care at all stages for that matter. When the government begins to have a stake in maintaining the solvency of their program, it will do what it has to in order to make it work, or just increase the debt I guess. Neither prospect is good.

    The government ends up doing the same thing liberals complain about big corporations doing. In the effort to control costs and remain viable, they pay workers as little as possible, and try to get as much work as possible from everyone. Eventually they’re forced to replace them with technology, or move overseas. The same callous measures will be taken by government to maintain its health care system. But they can’t move overseas. Health care workers’ unions won’t put up with paying competitive wages and reasonable benefits. They want twice the pay as the private sector, and benefits for life after early retirement.

    Quality, innovation, R&D and respect for life will eventually be last on the list of priorities. Urging people to in effective end their lives prematurely will become higher and higher on the priority list, because that’s where a large part of the money goes.

    Contrary to being stupid or wrong on this and a variety of issues, I, millions of small government loving Americans and the editorial dept. of the New York Sun view Ms. Palin to be ahead of the curve.

    Did you notice the rapid eye blinking by Obama when he was trying to refudiate (it’s a word now) her views on nuclear weapons issues? She lives rent free in his head, because he knows she’s framing issues in such a common sense way that it undermines his big government, big union agenda, which will be the eventual “death” of us all if allowed unchecked. Just like what is currently happening in Europe. Palin recognizes this, even Europe recognizes this. Obama apparently does not. Just who is really the stupid one?

  2. And that “study” that tells us Foxnews viewers are misinformed? Turns out,it’s the study that’s misinformed.

    This unprecedented effort to marginalize and demonize any media that dares not fall in line with this administration, or toe the progressive line that our Democrat-voting media has been toeing for years and years, is utterly transparent and should scare every clear thinking American to “death”.

    Fox and talk radio don’t serve the liberal agenda well. So the rest of the DVM is convening a “death panel” to affect the early end of their lives. So predictable, and so dangerous to our long term health as a nation.

  3. Oh yes this video is the height of “non bias” factual reporting HA! Media Matters – what joke and what a bunch of tripe. You folks on the progressive left will stop at nothing stop your enemies and that’s just what 100’s of thousands of Socialists / Marxist’s have learn the hard way when they have ushered their comrades into power and then be lined up against a wall and shot. This has happened everywhere it’s been tried. I would be real nice if you leftist half-wits word learn from history. Oh wait you don’t see repeating patterns in history and you believe mankind is “progressing” Look around open your eye’s – that idiotic theory is blown!. Oh wait I know, you believe in your own form of American Exceptional-ism you must believe that you the exceptional intellectual elite of America can do it right – full fill Marx’s pipe dream of utopia… good luck with that. I hope the thugs you usher into power will shoot you in back so don’t have to see it coming.. This site is such a bunch of rubbish – won’t be back no point arguing with the self deceived.

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