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Anti-Defamation League

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New York, NY, November 11, 2010 …

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today criticized as “completely inappropriate and offensive” remarks by Glenn Beck on his radio and television programs, in which he inaccurately connected George Soros, who was then a young boy, to the actions of others in sending Jews to death camps during the Holocaust. On his November 10 radio show, Beck described how Soros, who was born in Hungary to Orthodox Jewish parents, “used to go around with this anti-Semite and deliver papers to the Jews and confiscate their property and then ship them off. And George Soros was part of it. He would help confiscate the stuff. It was frightening. Here’s a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps.” Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director and a Holocaust survivor, issued the following statement:

“Glenn Beck’s description of George Soros’ actions during the Holocaust is completely inappropriate, offensive and over the top. For a political commentator or entertainer to have the audacity to say – inaccurately – that there’s a Jewish boy sending Jews to death camps, as part of a broader assault on Mr. Soros, that’s horrific. While I, too, may disagree with many of Soros’ views and analysis on the issues, to bring in this kind of innuendo about his past is unacceptable. To hold a young boy responsible for what was going on around him during the Holocaust as part of a larger effort to denigrate the man is repugnant. The Holocaust was a horrific time, and many people had to make excruciating choices to ensure their survival. George Soros has been forthright about his childhood experiences and his family’s history, and there the matter should rest.”



  1. but the difference between maboulette’s weak ass and that of Glenn Beck, is that Glenn Beck is bringing this to our attention. You on the other hand, want to bury this information….
    Question…..did you take that ocean picture, or did you steal it?

    • Jim – you comment makes no sense – I have no desire to bury any information about George Soros – I just expect the truth be told when information is brought out. As for the ocean picture – it came with the template for this website so I did not steal it. I do have other photos on my site that are my original photography if you care to look at any of it.

      In closing I would like to make one comment – you came to my website and used cuss words, and accused me of stealing – that is the same as coming to my house and disrespecting me. I am so sorry that your parents didn’t teach you the proper way to act when in another’s person home. That’s whats wrong with our country today – when you don’t agree with another person’s opinion, instead of having an honest debate with them, you just call them names. God help us with people like you voting.

      Thank you for visiting! Oh, forgot, question – is that your real email address or just one made up so you can cuss at people on other websites?

  2. I think you had better listen to the clip of George Soros commenting on that period of his life before you defend him. The truth will win out in the end.

    • Perhaps you should listen to the clip of George Soros – the whole interview instead of the selectively edited one that Beck showed – I have done my research:

      In Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire — a book cited by Beck during the program — Michael T. Kaufman detailed Soros’ reaction during the interview, as well as Soros’ actions in Nazi-occupied Hungary:

      “While he was living with Baumbach as Sandor Kiss, an event occurred that more than a half a century later would become the basis of charges that George Soros, the international financier and billionaire, had somehow collaborated with the Nazi occupiers of his homeland and had exploited his fellow Jews. The issue was raised in a bizarre television profile and interview of Soros aired on the CBS television program 60 Minutes in December of 1998. In the segment, Steve Kroft, the interviewer, noted with prosecutorial gusto that George’s father had “bribed a government official to swear that you were his godson,” and added that this survival strategy “carried a heavy price tag.” For, he continued, “as hundreds of thousands of Jews were being shipped off to the Nazi death camps, a thirteen-year-old George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his rounds, confiscating property from the Jews.” Visibly dumbfounded by the line of questioning, Soros could only manage to say that he had no role in the seizure of property and was merely a spectator. To underscore Kroft’s point, film footage showed masses of Hungarian Jews being led away at gunpoint. (This is the part Beck showed)

      This is what actually happened. Shortly after George went to live with Baumbach, the man was assigned to take inventory on the vast estate of Mor Kornfeld, an extremely wealthy aristocrat of Jewish origin. The Kornfeld family had the wealth, wisdom, and connections to be able to leave some of its belongings behind in exchange for permission to make their way to Lisbon. Baumbach was ordered to go to the Kornfeld estate and inventory the artworks, furnishings, and other property. Rather than leave his “godson” behind in Budapest for three days, he took the boy with him. As Baumbach itemized the material, George walked around the grounds and spent time with Kornfeld’s staff. It was his first visit to such a mansion, and the first time he rode a horse. He collaborated with no one and he paid attention to what he understood to be his primary responsibility: making sure that no one doubted that he was Sandor Kiss. Among his practical concerns was to make sure that no one saw him pee. [Page 37]”

      The only thing George Soros has done is make money and give that money to liberal causes to help those who are elderly, poor, hungry, and are in the middle class – he intends to give all his money away before he dies. He has helped to bring down communist countries thru their monetary system. His only problem with the US system of capitalism is that pure capitalism without regulations does not work and that the US tries to control the rest of the world and expects the rest of the world to handle their affairs as we handle ours. What we have seen from that is that American exceptionalism is a failed concept and we have also seen that pure capitalism only makes Wall Street greedier and go to corrupt links to make more money – and without regulations this only causes the poor to get poorer and the rich to get richer. It this right? No. It this what you want for your country – I hope not.

      The picture that Beck paints of Soros is not the complete picture – read the books that Soros has written or others have written about him. View the enter interviews with Mr. Soros – with an open mind. Mr. Soros has done nothing with his money that Rupert Murdoch has not done for the right. That’s all this is – Rupert Murdoch using Glenn Beck to use the politics of personal destruction against Mr. Soros so that no one will see what Murdoch is doing on the right. And you should be ashamed to comment on my site unless you have done your own research – don’t believe Beck as he has his own personal agenda – his own fortune that he is trying to protect.

  3. you have to always look for the other side to every story. because there is always another side.

    • This is a subject I have done a lot of research on – so I have heard and read and listened to all sides and this is the side I believe is the most valid. Sorry that you do not agree – perhaps you should do some more research or listen to the whole 60 minute interview that Mr. Soro did with 60 minutes.

  4. I have a pair, Palin thinks she has a pair but I wonder of George Soros? Does he not have a pair or do all of his gate Keepers stop my invitation to meet and really find out if he is as suggested. It might be a interview with the Devil after getting past the seven gates to hell or maybe its just another radical, as I but with more pennies to spend. Where is George Soros, is he behind EDF, Catch Shares, and the power behind who knows what. I wish he had a pair and would confront me in person. Then I would know his pair is real and maybe we could talk because dialogue is how agreements are achieved; not by throwing bottles to bias words without really knowing. I dare You to set up a meeting with Myself Gary Anderson and Gary Poyssick and let us judge for ourselves and not from negative or pumped up press.

    • I have no way to get in touch with George Soros nor Gary Anderson or Gary Poyssick as I am afraid that I can’t set up any meeting with you and George. What are you drinking tonight because you sound rather off in someway. But thanks for dropping by any way.

  5. First, I don’t drink but second I am off, on George Soros and I was posting metaphorically to a “Question to Mr. Soros” as you never know who is reading your sight. Just maybe, he reads and corresponds back. I’m using your site, my sites and any means at hand to set up a meet to hear his side of the one way conversation. You do have a way to get a hold of me, Gary Anderson, as I am posting on your site. My publisher, Gary Poyssick will be contacted if and when Mr. Soros reads one of these callings. You see, I may use an avatar next to my name because it is neat and I chose to do so but invoking “Chapman House Rules” or choosing anonymity are not my suits because I am not playing cloak and dagger…just looking for the truth, as the truth shall set you free.

  6. Gary – write an article inviting George Soros to meet and what your talking points will be and I will post it on my main page – perhaps Mr. Soros will see your request that way. You may contact me directly at

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