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From Rolling Stone Magazine

“Polls show that only 12 percent of Americans realize that Obama cut their taxes; indeed, twice that number thought the president had raised them. Just 29 percent understand that the stimulus boosted the economy, and 81 percent believe that the deficit-slashing health care reform will actually increase the deficit.”–Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone Magazine

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  1. What about the taxes he raised for HC (at least he called them taxes, after he fould out calling them something else wasn’t constitutional) well over $1Trillion by most estimates, which means probably closer to $10T? What about the taxes he raised on those making under $250,000 in cigarette, alcohol, and other taxes, for children’s HC prior to that. Obama-Soetoro cut taxes? Give me a break. He didn’t cut taxes, he raised, them. Further, he borrowed from our enemies at a rate ten times previous administrations in just one year.

    • Healthcare has not even gone into effect yet – so there are no taxes for that and the CPO has scored the Heath Care bill revenue neutral which means it pays for itself. The Bill for children’s healthcare was a bill supported by George Bush and passed under his watch – it was only signed into law by Obama and that was only on cigarettes – I don’t believe alcohol was included. You are not very informed on the issues – I believe if you would do some research you will see that Obama did give everyone a payroll tax cut almost as soon as he got into office and those who don’t have payroll deductions were sent a stimulus check as were the seniors who were sent a check to cover the so called “doughnut” hole in Bush’s Medical Drug bill. Even anyone collecting unemployment is getting an extra $25 a week from the stimulus money. Thanks for dropping by Woodie!

      • What ignorance of facts. A bill cannot be declared deficit neutral unless it had some tax raised, or some budget item cut. It would have had to have been an item larger than military spending for both wars in order to qualify. And if you believe the CBO, then you might as well simply believe in Santy Clause and the Tooth Fairy

  2. Obama did not cut taxes. He tweaked withholding. Tax obligations did not change.

    • Cutting withholding is cutting taxes – withholding is based on what you tax rate is – so your tax obligation did change – you had to pay taxes on less money. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Using sample numbers for clarity: If I owe 1000 and the withholding chart says, we thru the course of the year will take 2000 from you and you can get back 1000 as a refund, My tax obligation for the year was 1000. Period. What Obama did was say your tax obligation remains 1000 but instead of taking 2000 from you through the course of the year, we will take 1500. When I file I will get 500 back. I still payed 1000 in taxes. Period. The tax paid was the same. The loan made to the govt via withholding was less.

        You state: “Cutting withholding is cutting taxes.” Nope. Cutting withholding is cutting withholding.
        You state: “Withholding is based on what your tax rate is”. Nope. Withholding is based on what the withholding charts say it is.
        You state: “You had to pay taxes on less money.” Nope. I had to pay taxes on exactly how much money I made… Based on a TAX chart, not a withholding chart.
        Did I get a few more dollars a paycheck? Sure, but it absolutely was not a tax cut that did it. It was merely a smoke and mirrors routine with the withholding tables. Basically, the government decided that they would take “a little less too much” instead of just “too much” before giving me the “too much” back.

        I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just math and math never lies. And it’s liberals playing word games w/ a population that is easily hoodwinked. I understand your willingness to jump on the talking points bandwagon. All the good leftie oriented media outlets have been doing the headline “tax cuts nobody noticed” routine in lockstep lately. Kinda scary, but that is a subjective point for another discussion.

        The bottom line point is this objective reality. TAX CHARTS DID NOT CHANGE.

    • And how do you know all of this? I was believe that the tax tables were changed – at least that was my understand, as well as the withholding tables.

      • It was well discussed at the time of the changes. It was recognized as a con of sorts then. Well, at least the net had it discussed. CNN and MSNBC and NPR etal just fibbed and called it a tax cut then too. Now that the “everyone has forgot this tax cut” talking point is being put out again by the left the comment threads are full of people correcting the record. Again, to me the spooky thing is how coordinated the media is on floating this notion of a “tax cut” when it never was. It’s fun to google. There are tons of articles trying to call it a tax cut and all of them have comments full of people clarifying things. There are few articles that state it in the article, but mostly the media is just marching to the beat as it is prescribed by those that put out the propaganda just the way they want it to be told. That coordination is more frustrating than paying taxes some times. I’m going to look in to it a little more and absolutely verify and I promise I’ll come back and eat crow if need be, but I’m 99.99999 percent sure that there were no actual cuts in taxes.

      • Thanks – you actually sound like a fairly sane person – which is rare when it come to my site. Most are not happy with my posts about Glenn Beck. Thanks for getting back to me.

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