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Reported by Media Matters 09/11/10

This morning, Media Matters for America posted a striking new report that shows the growing danger of extreme and dishonest right-wing messages coming from demagogues like Glenn Beck.

According to police, Byron Williams engaged in a gun battle with law enforcement officers on a California highway on July 18. A police affidavit states that Williams said he was on his way to San Francisco to “start a revolution” by killing staff at progressive organizations, including the Tides Foundation, a group frequently targeted by Beck.

In an exclusive series of interviews and correspondence, Williams explains how much he relied on right-wing media — and in particular Fox News host Glenn Beck — for news. You can read the story here. Beck, who has declared himself a “progressive hunter,” put Tides at the center of an alleged left-wing conspiracy, and the conspiracy theories featured on Beck’s chalkboard were the basis for Byron Williams’ dark revenge fantasies.

As Williams, who said Beck was “like a schoolteacher on TV,” explained:

I would have never started watching Fox News if it wasn’t for the fact that Beck was on there. And it was the things that he did, it was the things he exposed that blew my mind. I said, well, nobody does this.

What Williams learned from Beck and the right-wing media inspired him to depart on a journey that could have had deadly consequences.

We have the full story this morning at Media Matters for America. I encourage you to read the whole thing here.

Williams’ rhetoric and his worldview are shaped by, and echo, the conspiracy theories and falsehoods of the hard-right TV and radio talkers he cites as his inspiration. In this new interview, Williams says he was pushed over the edge by anger over a conspiracy involving George Soros, Obama, a Brazilian oil company, and the BP oil spill — a conspiracy theory loudly touted by Beck in June (and debunked by Media Matters for America.)

Byron Williams took up arms because he thinks an evil cabal of left-wing extremists is trying to destroy the country and engaging in “hideous corruption.” He believes that lie because that’s the “very good information” he heard, constantly, from the sources he trusts — sources like David Horowitz, Michael Savage, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.

Beck is playing a dangerous game — convincing his audience that sinister threats are turning the country into a dictatorship and must be stopped, yet carefully backing off from his violent rhetoric just at the edge of incitement. He’s instigating fear and rage with his lies while trying to avoid accountability for the results.

As Williams himself said:

Beck is gonna deny everything about violent approach and deny everything about conspiracies, but he’ll give you every reason to believe it. He’s protecting himself, and you can’t blame him for that. So, I understand what he’s doing.

Please give this important story a look and send it to others. It’s a devastating indictment of the consequences of the toxic misinformation that Beck airs every day.


  1. Seems a pretty transparent 451-ish attempt to shut down speech one doesn’t like being heard, MA. The numerous examples of leftist inspired violence and the occasional instance of some lone nut on the right are comparable to a haystack vs. the needle.

    I suppose the President himself in effect (falsely) accusing the Republican Party of being solely responsible for the financial meltdown doesn’t inspire people to contemplate violence against Republican leaders, especially considering the desperate financial situation some have found themselves in. We don’t necessarily know how many actual plans were thwarted, do we?

    I’m sure the endless anti-war marches featuring pictures of G.W. Bush with bullet holes in his head and explicit calls for his murder never affected a sole, right?

    Or the numerous accusations by the left that the right is stopping us from saving the entire planet from climactic disaster. A small, insignificant charge that would never move anyone anywhere to violence, right?

    Do a little research on leftist violence, and leftist-inspired violence. Compare the volume of it to anything accurately categorized as being truly in the same ideological camp as the libertarian conservative Becks of the world. I think what you’ll find is that violence is a genuinely embraced tactic of the left, more accurately the far progressive left, and it is NOT one generally acceptable to the right.

    To understand more deeply the fallacies here, consider the innumerable instances of leftist violence we’ve seen over the years. Would Moslem convert Carlos Bledsoe have murdered the army recruiter in Arkansas had he not been exposed to the anti-white, anti-Western and anti-Christian rhetoric that prevails in modern America? Would Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, have perpetrated his acts had he not been weaned on the environmentalist radicalism so prevalent today? Would all the domestic terrorists who firebombed fur stores and vandalized SUVs and research facilities have done so were it not for this ideological force? Would Colin Ferguson have targeted whites in the 1993 Long Island Railroad massacre had he not been assailed with anti-white rhetoric from the Reverend Wrights, Jacksons and Sharptons of the world? ……

    ….. Thus, anytime you sound an alarm — whether it contains the ring of Truth or that of lies — it can serve as a call to violent action for some. But what should we do? Create a Fahrenheit 451 situation in which ideas are roundly suppressed and people are kept comfortably numb? No one wants that, and it wouldn’t work anyway.

    • Great post Natalie. For me, I feel Beck is a most needed inspirational figure that can shake off the doom and gloom of exterior circumstances as opposed to the internal struggles people feel. Beck is clear with facts and”In their own words” to back up his assertions that the rest of us must think for ourselves and not rely only his words. Beck’s protestations have been to go and find the facts ourselves for self satisfaction.

      • Beck’s fact are often not true – simple fact – some are not true!

      • Shake off the doom and gloom – he scares the shit out of people – especially those who are retired or elderly and live on a fixed income and who sit all day in front of Fox news because it comes free with their basic cable package.

    • NICE RESPONSE I fully agree with what you wrote. the left is quick to accuse the right , and quick to forget their own past.

  2. Classic post Natalie!

  3. Although Beck may be a nut (I know I can’t stand listening to him) There are just as many nuts on the far left. And they are just as far off center, just polarizing each-other…

    • I only classify 2 people as conspiracy theorists and fear mongers – who have the ear of a large segment of the population – enough to cause damage – these 2 are Glenn Beck and Alex Jones.

      • Mab, there have been conspiracy theories in the past that have panned out to be the truth. People who have conspired theoretically that the world was not flat until some brave explorers sailed to and beyond the horizon to prove the theory as fact. Some people conspired to theorize the atom could be transform from matter to energy and voila the atom then nuclear bomb and nuclear reactors that provide clean energy without pollution. There are some consequences though as we should also be aware of.

        Someday before I die, I would like to conspire with some other like minded and scientific people to theorize on future propulsion in out space. I would also like to conspire with some theories that mankind can and will get beyond detrimental political dead ends such as socialism or neo-socialism.
        Some food for thought, conspiracy theorists such as Nicholas Copernicus, Tycho Brahe and Galileo were the forefathers who ventured into territory where few dared to tread. The same goes with political theorists who conspire for the truth

  4. Beck a conspiracy theorist? Maybe in some people’s mind, but is he really? He pretty much just highlights what progressives say today and historically, and points out factual patterns of behavior and trends. If you’re a progressive, fine, but there’s really no arguing with the fact that they have an agenda based around collective attitudes and central power structures.

    Hence, the many socialist and communist sponsors and participants in the 10/2 rally. Hence the collectivist union atmosphere of pre-printed signs, uniform T-shirts, and the general attitude that they as individuals had no responsibility for cleaning up after the event. The state will take care of that.

    Now Alex Jones certainly IS a conspiracy theorist. He’s a truther, a birther, (I’d assume, not really sure) a NWO-er Bilderberg-er, etc. etc. Beck however buys into none of this nonsense, and in fact ridicules it regularly.

    Both however are relatively harmless pitted against the much more powerful and highly invested-in interests of the “progressive” left. About all Jones can do is rally a few dozen acne-faced kids with black tee-shirts yelling “9/11 was an inside job!” in people’s faces.

    And I happened to be at Glenn’s rally of several hundred thousand. A more peaceful, considerate, charitable, responsible, cheerful, hopeful and tidy crowd I’ve never experienced. This is Beck’s core audience, his core following. His most “hardcore” fans. Hardly the kind of petri dish hospitable to the growth of “damaging”, or dangerous individuals. In fact quite the opposite.

    • What I find interesting is that Alex and Glenn talk a lot about the same things. For a while I was beginning to think that Glenn was stealing Alex’s ideas. And in fact, Alex believes that also. Actually Alex has a YouTube video in which he said some interesting things about Glenn and Glenn’s obsession with Alex – but I am saving that for a post sometime soon.

  5. Why are liberals so completely obsessed with Beck? Talk about “fear,” how else can you explain the Left’s obsession with him?

    • First of all Don, I don’t speak for all liberals – that is a sweeping generalization – I only tell people what I believe. As for your question – what is my obsession with him and fear? I find him a very interesting person but I started doing some research and I found a lot of “untruths” . Beck scared the hell out of me so I investigated and he is wrong on many issues. And some of the people he has had on his show and who he associates himself with are a little radical in their views – example Mr.Barton. Now, fear is a powerful motivator – with fear you can get people to believe anything you want them to – you can get them to buy gold, your videos, your books, and tickets to your speeches and shows. But most people are able to make decisions themselves except what about the retired folks, who live on a fixed income and watch Fox News all day long – and this stuff scares them because they don’t understand what the reasoning in behind Glenn’s words – all they know is that Obama is going to take away their Medicare or Social Security or make their healthcare go up. They don’t understand about fabian socialism, all they know is Glenn Beck said the Democrats are fascists and look what happened in Nazism Germany. Basically, he scares people and fear divides people – we can not solve our problems when we are so divided.

      • Modis Operandi (sp) hope you get the drift, is how people, groups, organizations perform what they do and more importantly, why they do it. Some (see above list) just want eternal truth to get into as many persons to enrich their lives and those around them.
        Others. not being able to come openly before all. must show a face that is not their own and couch their words carefully to prevent others from seeing to the INTENT of what they say. Eve in the garden was a victim of a certain personage in the shape of a serpent who tempted her to do what God had told her and Adam NOT to do. What was the reasoning he used?
        1st. He contradicted the declaration of God that they would die if they ate of the fruit. Thou shalt not surely die!
        2nd. Yea hath God said? Question the words God says that you are able to take away the authority of God to say them. They are now just words to be PLAYED with, changed, added to or taken away.
        3rd. Get the victim to look at sin as a thing to be admired! Desired! Required! Appeal to the base instincts of the flesh, LUST of FLESH, LUST of EYES, and Pride of life (look what I have accomplished!)
        4th, COMES the point of temptation. Victim resolves in their own mind that the thing offered IS Admired! Desired! Required! so how does the victim choose? Dives right in!
        Adam and Eve die that day (to God) we are all descendants of this couple. we are born of the same flesh and the same dead spirit they now have. Sin had just entered the world and Lucifer has set the destruction of Gods GOOD works on a downward spiral with mankind as the great target. You MAB is his target, be careful from this point HOW you check out the works of men and by whom you do it. Make sure the ground you stand on is not the sands of Lucifer´s henchmen.

      • multiple times now you have spoken of multiple untruths that beck has stated, but you have not provided any proof to back up your claim….please do so. may i suggest maybe a video using his own words? seems that when you use someones own words in context the proof comes with it

      • First of all, have you read the articles – and the links and the material that Media Matters provides. Nothing in this article is anything that Beck hasn’t said on his TV show time and time again. What do you not understand about the article?

        Here – read some of this research and seriously consider it:

    • I can’t speak for the left’s obsession with Beck – all I can speak to is how I feel.

  6. Ok, here we go, tho it may be(and probably is) a lost cause I will ask you the same question Mr. Beck does, show me where he is wrong?
    Just show me where he is wrong when he points out the the violence, lies and hypocracy on the left, USING THIER OWN WORDS on tape and video, where is he wrong?

    • OK Bill – but you must promise me something especially if I am going to take the time to write all of those out for you – you must promise that you will read it and seriously consider that Beck my be wrong!

      • and you did’nt write it out here ! why because you have no proof? or is that you only sent Bill a private e-mail because if you posted it here you would have more people than just Bill proving that your information is false?
        why is it that you never respond to Natalie ? Is it because you can’t argue with intelligent, thoughtful,researched truth or because you are just dumbfounded

      • Are you talking about Bill who wanted me to prove all my points like Glenn does with video and tape evidence – is that what you are talking about? Well, Bob – I have finished working on it yet because I have a life and over things that need to be done, so I can’t devote all my time to it. But when I finish it, I will post it right here, promise.

        As for Natalie – I believe that I have answered all of Natalie’s posts – she is very intelligent, thoughtful and has sent me some wonderful links. But I am certainly not dumbfounded – sorry Bob but thanks for stopping by.

    • Still working on this Bill – but I haven’t forgotten – since you want me to document everything that I write about – it might take me awhile. You have to remember that Glenn has a staff working for him to do research – I only have me – so I hope you will cut me some slack here time wise. Thanks and I hope you are having a great day.

      • everyone is waiting with bated breath for just one example WALKWITHME but all we get is a :im busy…i have a life…..blah blah . your are quick to accuse, but slow to show evidence…….a trait that must come with the newly found “liberal gene”………..wonder if there is a cure for that?……….yep there is…..ITS CALLED WISDOM

      • I have provided videos and links – God knows I have links to lots of videos. What more to you want from me?

  7. I, as per your open request, did read the first article you posted in that list. It had to do with Soros, the coming insurrection, the “Bounty”. etc. I read it top to bottom, looking for the proof from Media Matters that it was a Glenn Beck lie. Honestly, I didn’t find that proof. What I got out of the reading was, “This is what Glenn Beck is saying now! How Preposterous is this?”
    Refudiating what is claimed to be a lie by saying in effect, “this can’t possibly be true, so it isn’t.”, cannot be taken as proof of a lie. I don’t think I’m even going to bother reading the rest. Mainly for this reason. Every single article you posted was from Media Matters. That site is as far to the left as Glenn is as far to the right. There can be no real objectivity. I would assume that I could not find a positive article about Glenn anywhere on that site. Just as I don’t think I would ever find a positive article about Media Matters on a conservative news site, such as The Blaze.
    That being said, it must be admitted that both sides are actively pitted against each other and you can’t possibly get objective information from either side. So please do a little more research, find a site that might possibly be objective, and then post your proofs. Until then, your arguments hold absolutely no water.

    • Guess what Dugan – I don’t care!!

  8. No offense, I wouldn’t spend time trying to have a dialogue with those well-intentioned folks who like Beck. It takes too much energy and I think that such decisions/predelictions are on an animal level ~ grounds for studying if progressive minds and conservative/fixed minds were evolutionarily adaptive.

    Long-winded; I hate to see you spend time when minds are fixed – for a reason I think aside – maybe aside from culture/environment. Of course I make no sense.

    Thanks for your thoughtful website. Never stand out, never ever protest; I mean that.

    • I will continue to have a dialogue with the Beck cult because I so believe that Beck is causing real harm to my country. I will also work with anybody doing research on Beck because I believe he is a fake.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • no, ratty, you realy don’t…… make any sense that is, but … nice try, eh?

      • I don’t have to make any sense – I have the interview of the individual himself who was going to the Tides Foundation to shoot the people there and he states Beck is one of the people he listens too. So I – don’t have to make sense, he makes my case for me. ….ratty!

  9. And still, no proof……………………………………………………………………………..

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