Posted by: maboulette | September 23, 2010


May_30_Health_Care_Rally_NP (667)

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Six months ago today, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act.  Six months later and grandma hasn’t been euthanized, and the dreaded death panels have ceased to materialize. Six months later and insurance companies have begun to be held accountable, small businesses have begun to receive important tax breaks to provide health benefits, and premiums for seniors on Medicare Advantage plans are lower and enrollment is higher. And today, just six months after becoming law, even more benefits of reform take effect.

Provisions such as prohibiting the denial of children based on pre-existing conditions and making the reprehensible practice of rescissions illegal represent a major shift in making America’s health care system more equitable and fair for consumers. Additional provisions such as free preventive care for all indicate a move toward making our system give priority to “health care” rather than “sick care.”

Also today the Republicans signed a pledge to rescind the Affordable Care Act– so this means that these healthcare provisions which went into effect today – the Republicans want to pull.  So don’t get too thrilled with the prohibiting the denial of children based on pre-existing condition especially if you’re a parent of one of these children because the Republicans just want to take that away from you.  And that new provision that went into effect about getting free preventive care – better go get that now as the Republicans want to take that away also.  The Medicare prescription check that many older Americans have already received to close the so called “doughnut hole”, the Republicans don’t want you to get that benefit anymore.

So those of you, who have already seen benefits from the Affordable Care Act, just remember that the Republicans want to take all of that away from you.  What is even worse, they did not say what they want to do to replace these provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

So if you want to vote for Republicans this November – just remember what they will take away from you and perhaps you need to consider voting Democratic.



  1. the govt – rep or dem – should not giveth what is not theirs – meaning our treasure. the govt’s job is not to give anything. govts job is to protect our freedoms.
    we are the land of opportuniyt, not entitlements. maboulette should consider moving to europe – greece might be more suitable.

    • So, the government should do nothing for those in our country who are poor and elderly, or poor and homeless and hungry? The government shouldn’t help those who have no medical insurance or medical care – the government should just let them die? Is that what you believe Doug? We should do away with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – is that right Doug? We should have no police enforcement, no firefighters – nothing that is a shared service. The government should just protect us and nothing else?

  2. Actually, the Gov’t does not give anything, it steals it from someone else. By demanding doctors take less in pay. By demanding that one group of low-risk people pay more in insurance rates because they all get grouped with high-risk people. By forcing people to pay for benefits to others who never pay income or other taxes. By forcing hospitals to accept patients with no insurance or money – thereby raising costs to everyone else. – I could go on.

    Next – you ignore the effects “free” benefits have on people’s actions. Why get skills if you don’t need a job – just live off the Gov’t. (Of course this ignore the taking of tax money from working single mothers in California to pay benefits to non-working un-wed nothers in Texas, do you really consider that fair?)

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