Posted by: maboulette | September 21, 2010


These are pictures of my “best friends forever”.

Watching The Birds

This is my only black and white picture that I like.  “Biggen” is watching the world go by — birds are in all the trees by this window.

Please Turn the Monitor Off

The picture was taking late at night with the only light in the room was from the computer monitor.  “Baby Kitten” was new to our family then.


I told “Baby Kitten” to smile and imagine my surprise when she did!

Worshipping the Light

“Biggens’ love to sit under the lamp – I have no idea why.  She will often sit there for hours.  I don’t wonder anymore, I just make sure there is a light on for her.


  1. luv these pictues…especially the cat smiling!!!!

  2. The cat really smiled – I couldn’t believe it!!

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